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Citation counts (#Cs, only the ones>50) for some of the journal publications listed here; based on google scholar,

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Peer-reviewed/Refereed Published Journal Papers (19):
[J02] Sakoglu U, Tyo JS, Hayat MM, Raghavan S, and Krishna S, “Spectrally adaptive infrared photodetectors with bias-tunable quantum dots,” Journal of the Optical Society of America B, Vol. 21, pp. 7-17 (2004). [pdf] [#Cs=87 as of 11/2019, seminal paper on development of spectrally-tunable infrared detectors, PhD work, patent obtained and licensed.]

Peer-reviewed Published & Presented Conference Proceeding Papers (10) and Abstracts (49):
[C59] Reveriano F, Sakoglu U, Liu J, “Facial Expression Recognition: Utilizing Digital Image Processing, Deep Learning, and High Performance Computing,” accepted peer-reviewed conference paper and presentation, ACM Practice and Experience in Advanced Research Computing (PEARC), July 28th - August 1, 2019, Chicago, IL. [paper pdf]