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[C61] Sakoglu U, Bhupati L, Classification of fMRI Study Participants Using Space-Filling-Curve Orderings of fMRI Brain Activation Maps,”  ISMRM 2020.
[C60] Sakoglu U, Bhupati L, Beheshti N, Tsekos N, Johnsson L, An Adaptive Space-Filling Curve Trajectory for Ordering 3D Datasets to 1D: Application to Brain MRI Data for Classification, International Conference on Comoutational Science 2020, Amsterdam, NL. 
[C59] Reveriano F, Sakoglu U, Liu J, “Facial Expression Recognition: Utilizing Digital Image Processing, Deep Learning, and High Performance Computing,” peer-reviewed conference paper and presentation, ACM Practice and Experience in Advanced Research Computing (PEARC), July 28th - August 1, 2019, Chicago, IL. [paper pdf]