Dynamic Functional Connectivity (DynaConn) Graphical User Interface (GUI) Toolbox for fMRI.
With this toolbox, you can do dynamic sliding time-window analyses of fMRI datasets.
It is MATLAB-based, so you need MATLAB. It should work with any version of MATLAB that is installed 2013 or later. It uses some, mostly modified, SPM8 functions, but those are already bundled in it so you do not have to download SPM8 separately.
It also works with GIFT ICA results; i.e. once you run ICA with GIFT, you can do dynamic F(N)C analysis of the IC time-courses. We call it DFNC since there are IC "networks" that you are analyzing.
You can find and download the toolbox on bitbucket here:
Check out the User's Guide/Manual (pdf) and the short videos here in order to have a quick idea of its capabilities.  

Please contact Dr. Sakoglu (sakoglu[at]uhcl[dot]edu) if you download it and for any questions and comments.

Collaborators: Dr. Mutlu Mete, Associate Professor; and John E. Esquivel, MS Student, TAMUC Computer Science Department.

If you download DynaConn & use it for your analysis, please cite the following work:
(Visit https://www.drsakoglu.com/p/publications.html for links to full text of these publications)
On the DynaConn toolbox:
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 On the sliding-window DFC methodology:
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